Modern Stable Combo

Price: 17.933 §
Lot size: 20×30
2 big rooms, 1 utility room, 1 horse stable
Unfurnished: completely

I build this house sort of as a proof of concept, but I ended up liking it quite a bit. It is a modern house with room for a horse. The lot is also big enough for the horse to run around on. If you remove the indoor staircase there is room for an extra horse box. This house is meant for those of you who likes to decorate your houses your self, so it is 100% unfurnished, there is not even inner walls. The house is completely CC free.


Requires all EPs up to Showtime
Requires the following SPs: none
Patch required: 1.36 or newer
No Pay items used, no Store items has been used

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