Japanese Modern mini-house

Price: around 21.000 §
Lot size: 15×15
1 bedroom, two big rooms, 1½ bathroom
Unfurnished: completely

This house is a duplicate of one I build for a challenge @ LivingSims Forum for the 10×10 challenge. The house it self is 10×10 tiles but is located on a bit bigger lot to give the sims a little bit of space. I liked the house so much that I decided to build a CC free version. The house plays really well.


Requires all EPs up to Supernatural
Requires the following SPs: none
Patch required: 1.39 or newer
No Pay items used, no Store items has been used

I have included a few pictures in the gallery of that the house can look like furnished.


6 thoughts on “Japanese Modern mini-house

  1. Can you make a Download with the furniture on the other pictures pls? … Sorry for my english…

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