Moonlight Falls Gym

Lot size: 40×30
Furnished: fully
Lot type: Gym


Moonlight Falls has a crappy gym. So I decided to build a new one on the parking lot right next to the swimming pool lot. The new gym got all kinds of bells and whistles and a nice Asian theme. I hope your sims can get fit there and can find friends to talk to as well.

Download OR Download @ Exchange

Requires the following EPs: Supernatural, Pets, Late Night, World Adventure, Showtime, Generations, Island Paradise, Into the Future & University Life
Requires the following SPs: Town Life & Master Suite
Patch required: 1.63 or newer
No Pay items used, some Store items has been used

Store items

Again the odd thing has happened where only some of the store items are showing up. So I try to link to the sets used and hope I got it covered. The important part is the Spa set and the Asian items. If I were you I would also want the premium items used, but you can of course edit the areas to replace the items you do not have.

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