Tips on: Building a bakery

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am loving the open for business like content coming out at the store. However the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery set is not all that straightforward to use. I have played with it some and I decided to write up my tips on how to use it.

The items

The set holds a number of items of interest as well as some decorative items.

Screenshot-608Baker’s Station:

Here you can create all the lovely desert recipes that are in the game and some bread as well. I am not quite sure if you can bake all the bread from the pizza oven of if it is new bread. There are cupcakes and pies and cookies and all kinds of other goodies. Many of the recipes does not require any points in cooking. You can also make your own birthday cakes. Be aware that you will want a fridge in the room for the station to work. You do not require counter space however.

Screenshot-641Delightful Dessert Display:

Though the display is called the dessert display, you can display any type of food you want in here. It refrigerate the food so it does not go bad – not even after weeks. It is also one of the item the sims use to buy the food from. The sims can browse and shop directly from here. In other word you do not need a cash register for the sims to buy food from here. The sims will only by the food displayed, so if you want to fill up the rest of the display with fake food, it will not get sold – which I find quite handy. There are also a quite nice fake pie in the set that can be put in the display to fill up some of the space.

Screenshot-601Rustic Bakery Rack:

This rack is perfect for displaying bread and other food that don’t look like it needs refrigeration. However it works just like the Delightful Dessert Display. It is worth noteing that the sims will try to get the rack to browse for the wares on it. This means that it should not be placed behind the counter or you will have path issues. I hope someone will clone it as a normal shelving unit so we can use it behind the counters for decoration.


Bakery Sales Rug:

If you have food items that are too big to go into the Delightful Dessert Display and Rustic Bakery Rack you can place them on a table or a counter that is placed on a Bakery Sales Rug. It will make crafted items sellable. I have not tested it yet, but I have read that you can sell all crafted items via this rug. That is quite handy! In this picture I have placed a wedding cake on top of an elegant table that is sitting on the rug, making the cake sellable.

Screenshot-635Sweet Nothing Simoleon Register:

This register lets you control the opening times, see sales reports and let the sims browse or buy items from the store directly on it. However you do not need it to run your store. You will find that if you want someone to man the register, getting your own sim to stay on there is quite hard. So I recommend hiring a clerk for it. The sales reports are quite handy. You can see how many items you have sold and what you earned so far and today.

Setting up the bakery or deli

If you just want to run a simple bakery you do not need a lot of space. You just need enough space for your sims to stand and browse around either the display or the rack and of course a space to put the bakery station and a fridge. It can really be a quite small store.

So the items you need to run a simple bakery are:

  • A refrigerator
  • Delightful Dessert Display OR Rustic Bakery Rack OR Bakery Sales Rug
  • Baker’s Station OR Wood Fire Oven
  • A restroom

A café or a restaurant


I like to have a place for my costumers to sit. To make it into a cute little confectionery. If you want your sims to be able to sit down and eat you will want to add a little more. I recommend either using the Quick Croissants Coffee Bar that came with University Life – this is by far the simplest solution. Or you can use the It’s Business Time Industrial Oven from the store – with this you can set up a full restaurant. And you will of course need to add some tables and chairs or a bar with seating.

A deli


If you don’t want to sell cakes you can also sell any other recipe from the game, however I have trouble getting regular stoves to work on community lots. So I find it easier to either use the Wood Fire Oven (pizza, lasagna, bread) from Monte Vista, a bbq (hamburgers, grilled fish, hot dogs) or Sizzle Baby Pro Deep Fryer (deep fried food) or Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill (fried food). You can use all of these to create lovely food that can be sold in your little deli.

If you want to run a deli then I recormend the deep fryer when you fill up your stock for the first time.

Lessons learned


You of course need very few items to actually make it run. However these are my other lessons I learned while playing with it:

  • It will be good to have some restrooms on the lot.
  • The lot type Java Hut seem to work really well. It lets the café functions work and it is ownable.
  • It is a good idea to have two baking stations (or whatever item you use to produce the food) or it is really hard to keep up with demand.
  • Make sure you got enough space around the display/rack/rug there will be a crowd.
  • It seems to be a very popular lot and customers are not in short demand.
  • You can make the food at home and bring it to the store.
  • If you want there to keep being food in the store, you either need to work there every day with more than one sim OR you need the mod below.
  • Sims will use other items on the lot, so you can run as a part of a bigger community lot without any problems.

Useful mods

If you plan to have a separate kitchen with more than the baking station I would strongly recommend to get this mod:  Lock Community Doors and Gates. It allows you to lock the doors to the kitchen so random customers don’t venture out into the kitchen.

If you don’t plan to play the bakery as a business you will want this mod: Cupcake Testing @nraas. It will restock the bakery for you. It can be quite hard to keep the bakery stocked even with two sims working full time. I used it to fill up my store the first time and then turned off out restock. You can also use it to set just want you want on the shelf (each slot) and then have it auto fill. This is especially handy if you do not want to run the bakery, but just want a nice bakery in your town. The restock food don’t seem to be selling as well as what my sim made them self by the way. I am guessing it isn’t as good quality.


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