Early Civilizations – beyond Egypt

Yes, this is sims 3, but it was the best pic I had. It looks rather Roman if you ask me :).

With a lot of us playing the history challenge, I thought it might be a good idea to write a little bit about what you can do in the early civilization era other than staying in ancient Egypt.

I have included civilizations I know a little bit about, so there might be others I have overlooked. I have only included civilizations that have domesticated plants and animals and complex societies. I am excluding civilizations that didn’t show up til after 500 AD. Which means that I am including ancient and classic era civilizations. I am just making a list, not writing anything about each civilization, so go read more about them – they are all really interesting!

Please let me know who I have forgotten!


  • Ancient Egypt
  • Dʿmt* – modern Ethiopia
  • Land of Punt* – modern Somalia
  • Carthage* – – North Africa

Mediterranean & Near East

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece*
  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Mesopotamia*
  • The Persian empire
  • Hayasa-Azzi*
  • Canaan* – Levant
  • Nuragic* – Sardinia – modern Italy
  • Carthage* – North Africa


  • Nordic Bronze Age* – modern Denmark, Sweden, Norway
  • Celts*


  • China*
  • Vedic* – India/Pakistan
  • Maurya* – India
  • Đông Sơn* – modern Vietnam
  • Funan* – modern Cambodia
  • Dvaravati* – modern Thailand
  • Srivijaya* – Indonesia


Note that both the Incas and the Aztec are later empires – in the period that would be the Middle Ages in Europe.

  • Norte Chico or Caral* – modern day Peru
  • Valdivia* –  coast of Ecuador
  • Cañari* – Ecuador
  • Moche* – modern day Peru
  • Olmec* – modern day Mexico
  • Zapotec* – Valley of Oaxaca in Mesoamerica
  • Maya* – Mesoamerica
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