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Challenge: Party Animal

Concept: Your sim just loooooves to party and it is their goal in life to make other people’s life more fun. Your sim wants to hold as many great or epic parties as they can throughout their life! Your sim also want to keep the gang together and make sure you do not outgrow each other! Along the way you do of course try to fulfill your sim’s wishes. This is a one generation challenge

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Challenge: Out on your Ear – beta

Concept: Your sim has been thrown out of their home. Why is up to you, perhaps they have had that final argument with their parents, or a your sim can’t stand their abusive spouse one minute longer. Perhaps their sim’s house burned down or they didn’t pay the rent? Anyway, your sim left home in a hurry with only a few belongings and the cash in their wallet. Sadly your sim is not particularly talented, not at all creative and can’t seem to hold a job for very long. This challenge is all about being creative with the way you earn money. This is a 1 generation challenge. Continue reading Challenge: Out on your Ear – beta