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Champs Les Sims Project

I have gotten sick and tired of the lack of things to do in France, so I am in the process of making replacement lots for the lots I do not like. I am starting by remaking the community lots. Over the next few days I will release a number of lots that is replacement lots for France.

Common for all of them is that I will use no CC (other than perhaps my own every now and when), but I will use store items and I will make them with all my EPs, so you will need all the EPs to use them. I do this because I make these lots for me and I want them to be the best that they can be and as useable as possible. If any of you like them, and I hope you do, that is great, but if you do not, I can live with that.

I will upload the lots to Exchange but they will also be available here like always. Hopefully this will make it more convenient for all of you.

Lots Planed:

  • Basecamp turned into a use-able B&B
  • All the stores combined into one lot with lots of little boutiques
  • A small museum/art gallery with a art class room
  • At least one bar
  • At least one dance club
  • At least one café
  • Playground
  • Community Pool with gym
  • A small library
  • Perhaps a theme park

Lots Released:

More ideas are welcome