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Cute silhouettes

UPDATE: I have added three new sets of pictures to this file as requested. You now have dogs, cats and horses in there as well. Please redownload the file

I really liked the dog silhouette pictures that came with Pets, but I didn’t like the lack of options – I am a huge fan of options. So here are options!

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Public Sign Door

These doors are just normal doors, but they use the same mesh as my gender doors, so they match the gender doors. I really love signs on community lots, I think it is one of the things that make them look finished and real. So I have made 28 doors for you. They are all CAStable, so you can change the door it self, the frame, the push plate and the background colour of the sign. Continue reading Public Sign Door

CAStable Public Signs

I have always loved the pool signs, but I wanted more signs to use around town, so I decided to make some CAStable signs to use on all kinds of community lots. They cost 13 § in game just like the original sign. There are 32 different signs on one mesh. Continue reading CAStable Public Signs